Vileine Manifesto (ENG)

Underground feminism has been working on a major comeback these last few years, but this new wave has yet to be defined. This results in modern feminists (m/f) not having a clue about how to correctly treat their armpits and if and which bras should be burned. To battle confusion* Vileine presents the new-wave feminist Manifesto, signed by every contributor.

(*Patriarchal complaints will not be processed.)

1. We know one thing for sure: there is nothing that we know for sure. This does not slow us down.
2. We are feminists, not just because we carry the name with pride. It is an obvious fact men and women should be treated equally. And no, this doesn’t mean women are the superior nor the same as men. Please consult your dictionary – we have more important things to do.
3. We are intersectional, not because it’s trendy to consider race and class but because it is evident that we are all conditioned to want to look at race and class in addition to sexism, but because it is evident that we are all conditioned to want to live up to our programmed identity. Single moms on the left, jihadi-sluts on the right. So we acknowledge that we are all building our own boxes, but we do ask why.
4. We are intergalactic, not just because we regularly communicate with extra-terrestrial life through good vibrations and shamanistic shakes, but especially because we realise that only the population of our planet as a whole will be able to formulate real solutions for environmental, hate, confusion and Donald Trump-related global issues.
5. We stand in solidarity, with over a hundred women collaborating to create what we are missing. Because we don’t believe women must always compete, to win.
6. We never agree by default and we definitely do not expect to do so, because “the woman” is a myth and intellectual differences sharpen our minds.
7. We make mistakes. We receive criticism. And we learn from it.
8. We honor common codes and practices of journalism, adhere to the adversarial process and function as society’s watchbitches.
9. We are and become ourselves, to support each other.
10. We serve the world by serving ourselves, and vice versa.
11. We don’t fight, we build. We don’t divide, we claim our ground. Know thyself and polish your own building blocks, so will we. And so shall it be.
12. We love men, and make room for them in all masculine manifestations (read: no boys).
13. We are not sorry.

Hadjar Benmiloud, Amsterdam, 14-2-2016. Read our manifesto in Dutch here.

We do not believe in the world empowering women.

We believe in women empowering the world!

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